If Indians Said the Stuff White People Say

This is what it would sound like if indians said the stuff white people say.

1)Screw U dude

2)Its not all smarties and mars bars

3)Hey there cornfritter

4)Your such a tool

5)Dammit I forgot to wear my fitbit

6)I am not racist, but…

7)Did you guys hookup?

8)Son of a biscuit

9)For Pete’s sale

10)Dude I shit u not

11)Well butter my backside and call me a biscuit

12)That was awesome dude

13)U fucking dipshit

14)Holy Macheral

15)I’m going to get so shit faced today

16)Geez La Weez

17)Mom can I get a gogurt


19)Go to time out bobby

20)15%, I will tip 20%

21)More mashed potatoes and gravy please

You can also watch it on Youtube, click below.







Author: skizzy

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