Top 21 Most Common Canadian Stereotypes – TRUE or FALSE?

via IFTTTThese are the top 21 most common Canadian stereotypes. Are they true or false? Some of these have been created by tv shows and movies, while others are just based on ignorance.


Top 21 Canadian Stereotypes:
1) Marijuana is legal
– Marijuana is not legal
2)We all love curling
-False, I fucking hate curling with a passion.
3)It’s winter all year round
-False, Our winter is from Nov-Mar.
4)Everyone’s very nice
-Mostly true, theres more nice people than the other types
5)There is only one road in Canada
-This is completely False, I regularly drive on more than one road. The road’s made out ashphalt, not ice or snow.
6)We all drink Tim Hortons
-No we do not. I don’t even drink coffee.
7)We only watch hockey
False, I watch other shows like csi, criminal minds “why did you leave us morgan, why?”.
8)We hate the US
Only during hockey season.
Advertising companies like mcdonalds mcrib
9)We love maple syrup / we put it on everything
No, we put it on pancakes and waffles like everyone else.
10)We skate/ski to work
We have car, streets, traffic lights and prick cops.
11)Everyone listens to Rush/Celine Dion/Justin Bieber
No. Everyone ‘s has their own taste of music from ariane grande to drizzy.
12)All we eat is poutine
No, if we only ate poutine, we would all be like 300 lbs.
13)Everyone’s a lumberjack
I don’t why the fuck people think this. It’s not true but plade shirts are fucking awesome.
14)We have no telephones
We have landlines, cellphone and they work most of the time.
15)We use sled dogs for transportation
Maybe in the north. I’m stereotyping them right now.
16)Tim Horton is our President
We have a President. We have a Prime Minister. And it not Tim Horton.
17)Everyone lives in igloos
We live in homes made out of bricks and wood. Not fucking ice.
18)We ride polar bears
There a protected species. They’d eat us before they’d let us ride them.
19)We have beavers as pets
No. They only place that I like beavers is on the nickle.
20)We all know John from Canada
We have over 30 million people. I don’t even know everyone on my fuckin street.
21)We say “eh” a lot
This 100% true. Don’t try to fight it eh.

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Vibe Tracks – Beat Your Competition


*****STAY FROSTY*****


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